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Sammamish Little League is a Volunteer Community

Sammamish Little League is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) organization. Your child’s coach, the Opening Day coordinator, the Board president, and guy sitting on his couch typing this to you – we’re all SLL dads and moms who want the best for our kids and are willing to give our of our time and talents to help out. Sammamish Little League serves more than 1,000 youth ages 5-18 each year across 60+ baseball, softball and T-ball teams. There’s a lot going on at Sammamish Litttle League and SLL families have themselves to thank.

Ways to Volunteer

SLL has 50 official key volunteer positions not including coaches or team managers that need someone to step up to fill to run all our programs. Take those positions and add two coaches and a team manager for each of our 60+ teams and we’re now talking about 250 volunteers! Sammamish Little League DOESN’T HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU!

Here are some of the more common ways to volunteer:

  • Manage or coach a team
  • Help at practices
  • Be a team parent or coordinator
  • Fulfill team or field duties such as scorekeeper, dugout manager, pitch-counter or organize snacks
  • Help prepare the field before games or clean up after games
  • Volunteer as an umpire
  • Volunteer as a member of the Board
  • Help organize or manage league events or programs such as Little League Day at the Mariners, the monthly newsletter, or schedule fields with the City.

Registering as a Volunteer

To volunteer for SLL, you must be registered as a volunteer on the SLL website and your participation approved by the SLL volunteer coordinator. Please register as a volunteer by following the steps below.

1. Click the “Register Now” button you see on the SLL home page and throughout the website and confirm your contact info is up to date.

2. Confirm who you are registering as the volunteer (generally yourself).

3. Find the volunteer program you want to register for and click “Select” and follow the instructions provided.

4. Follow the instructions provided.

For questions about this process, contact the SLL Registrar.

Volunteer Hours Matching programs

Many Puget Sound companies, including Microsoft and Boeing, match their employee volunteer hours with cash payments to the not-for-profit organization where the employee volunteered, such as Sammamish Little League. E.g., Microsoft matches employee volunteer hours at $25 per hour! Because of the great generosity of local employers, their employess have an opportunity to make a long-term difference in our community by utilizing their matching programs to their fullest. The sponsorship offered by Microsoft through this program is significant enough that it could enable Sammamish Little League to make capital investments that would benefit us for many years to come. This could be a significant source of funding for Sammamish Little League if properly utilized. We encourage all Sammamish Little League volunteers to check with their Human Resources department to see if they have a volunteer hours matching program.

Starbucks employees: At this time, the only details we can provide to assist your process is that we’re listed as “Sammamish Little League” in the Starbucks Cybergrants system under Nominiation ID 1256335.

Boeing employees: No info at this time.

Expedia employees: No info at this time.

Safeco employees: No info at this time.

Microsoft employees: If you or your spouse volunteer at least 10 hours with SLL in a calendar year, Microsoft will match your volunteer time at $25/hour. Requesting a match from Microsoft takes <5 minutes. Step-by-step for how to do it are provided HERE. If you have any questions about this process, contact Todd McCommon, SLL volunteer and Microsoft employee.