Sportsmanship (Webster’s dictionary): the qualities and behaviors of a person who can take a loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating, and who treats his opponents with fairness, generosity, courtesy and respect.

SLL’s Sportsmanship program exists to encourage good sportsmanship from everyone participating in Little League games, including players, coaches and spectators. The program involves:

1. Setting expectations on what acceptable sportsmanship looks like

  • Good sportsmanship is incorporated throughout SLL’s and Little League’s system of values as outlined in the SLL constitution and bylaws and the league’s About Us web page. Players, coaches, parents and volunteers are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship toward one another, umpires and league officials at all times.
  • Coaches are requested to act as excellent examples of good sportsmanship for their players and set expectations with parents and spectators that poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • Reminders of what good sportsmanship is and expectations of players, coaches and parents are posted at SLL baseball fields.


2. Reinforcement

  • Instructional and Rookie divisions
    • Each game, the manager of each team rates the sportsmanship of the opposing team’s players (rated 1-5), coaches (rated 1-10) and spectators (rated 1-10) – see sportsmanship Game Report below.
    • The total score is reported to the league’s Sportsmanship program director, who will follow up with managers to discuss anything of concern.
  • AAA, Coast, and Majors division
    • Coaches are not asked to rate the sportsmanship of the opposing team, but they are asked to report all unsportsmanlike incidents to the league’s Sportsmanship program director so appropriate discussions or issue resolution can take place - see sportsmanship Game Issue report below.

3. Recognition

  • Instructional and Rookie divisions
    • The two teams with the highest sportsmanship scores for the year (as rated by opposing coaches) are invited to play in the exhibition-style Sportsmanship Game on Championship Saturday, which is considered quite an honor.
    • The winning team is also recognized by the league with a certificate or other award at Championship Saturday.
  • AAA, Coast, and Majors divisions
    • Each team selects one player to be the recipient of the team’s Sportsmanship Award for his or her conduct over the course of the year. The winner may be selected by a vote of the team’s players or selected by the coaches as the player who most consistently demonstrated good sportsmanship regardless of individual or team performance or outcomes, maintaining a positive attitude.
    • The winner is recognized by the league with a certificate or other award at Championship Saturday.

 Sportsmanship Forms

Questions or comments regarding Sportsmanship can be directed to the VP of Sportsmanship.