The Brock O’Connor Baseball Scholarship

This scholarship was established in July of 2000 and has continued to grow through the loving support of people, much like Brock, that believe that all young people should have the opportunity to participate in the “all-American pastime, baseball” or softball.  Offered to families within the Issaquah School District, the scholarship is designed to assist youth in the community (Little League, summer leagues & high school) in need of financial assistance to pay for entry fees, uniforms, and equipment. For more information on the Brock O’Connor Scholarship fund, to donate or request funds, please contact Jim Ardissono (info bottom of this page). Please understand that in the spirit of the fund, all requests are handled confidentially.


Please register your child for Little League before requesting the scholarship.  Applying for the scholarship does not register your child to play in the Sammamish Little League, it is a separate process.

Steps for Scholarship Request:

1. Register – If you are using the Scholarship to pay your Sammamish Little League registration fees and have not already registered to play, please do so by CLICKING HERE. Once you’ve registered up to payment then proceed to Step 2.

2. Complete the Scholarship Application and email it to the address at the bottom of the form. All applications are kept strictly confidential. The scholarship administrator will contact you regarding your application.

Contribute to The Brock O’Connor Baseball Scholarship

If you are interested in contributing to the Brock O’Connor Scholarship Fund, anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The Brock O’Connor Scholarship Fund exists under the umbrella of Sammamish Little League which is an IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit so any financial contributions you make can be tax deductible. If you have any questions about contributing to the fund please submit questions via email to contact at bottom of this page.

If you are interested in contributing to the fund, all you need to do is make a check payable to “Brock O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund” and send it to:

Treasurer Sammamish Little League 3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Road SE, PMB #346 Sammamish, WA 98075

Who is this young man that so greatly impacted his community & all of those that knew him?

Brock O’Connor, December 12, 1980 – June 22, 2000

Brock was a gifted athlete, a leader and a motivator of youth, his peers and adults. He exhibited enthusiasm, passion and compassion, both on and off the field. His love for people & the game of baseball will forever remain in our hearts.

Brock lived life to the fullest. His laugh, smile & charisma were ever visible; it was not unusual to see him with a group of kids climbing on him, to see him throwing a baseball with a child, bringing laughter to his peers, cheering on his team, handing his last cent to someone in need and at ease and delighted to be with both young & old.

Brock’s love & kindness behind the scenes is what truly blessed us all. Many tell stories of his incredible compassion. There are stories of young intimidated players who joined his team and now remember the cheerful & encouraging way that Brock welcomed them and made them feel of value.

There is an account of a friend with a younger brother who lacked a male influence in his life and of how Brock spent hours with him, doing whatever he could to help fill the void in this young boy’s life. There are stories from numerous students who remember transferring in from other schools and how Brock would be the first person to make them feel at home in their new surroundings.

A bedridden friend tells of how Brock would visit him for hours on end and fill this young man’s long days of boredom & loneliness. Regardless of how vigorous Brock’s schedule might have been, he could always be found on the sidelines of his younger brother’s games cheering, coaching & supporting him. These and many more stories like them live on today as a reminder of how one individual can greatly impact the lives around him.

Brock’s desire to help those in need and his unwavering passion for baseball is forever alive through the Brock O’Connor Baseball Scholarship.

The Brock O’Connor Inspirational Award & Memorial plaque

As a two year Issaquah HS Varsity starting catcher, Brock was voted the team’s most inspirational player. Today, this baseball award is named the Brock O’Connor inspirational award. In addition, a memory plaque and bench are positioned alongside the HS field giving rest to the weary & unobstructed visibility to home plate.

The Brock O’Connor Little League Field, Sammamish, WA

Through two very substantial (anonymous) donations and the loving efforts of many, this field was reconstructed and renamed in honor of Brock. As a young boy, this was Brock’s favorite place to play baseball and today, young Little League players have the opportunity to demonstrate their love and passion for the game on this very field. Every year on the anniversary of Brock’s passing, his friends gather at Brock O’Connor field to play a softball game in his memory.


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