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Baseball and Softball programs

Q: What program is right for my child?

   A: Our program overview pages provide most details you would need to decide the best program for your child. Baseball page is here; Softball page is here; T-ball page is here. Those sites also provide links to SLL’s Level of Play policy.


Q: How do I volunteer?

   A: There are many ways to volunteer. Check out our Volunteer page for information about was to volunteer, whether to help with one-off needs or filling an administrative position on the board.

Q: Do I need to sign up to volunteer?

A: Yes. To protect our kids and families, Little League volunteers are required to formally register as a volunteer. This involves reading and signing the Little League Volunteer agreement and consenting to a background check.

Q: I work for a company that will match my volunteer hours. Where can I find info about how to take advantage of that program?

   A: See our Volunteer Match Program page. If you still have questions, you can get in touch with our Treasurer at treasurer@sammamishlittleleague.org.

Emails and Communications

Q: How do I sign up to receive the SLL newsletter?

   A: We send out a newsletter 1-2 times per month to all emails listed as contacts for players registered with SLL and those registered as volunteers unless the user has chosen to unsubscribe.

Q: Why am I not receiving the newsletter?

   A: We send out a newsletter 1-2 times per month to all emails listed as contacts for players and volunteers registered with SLL, unless they have checked the ‘Unsubscribe’ option. If you’re not receiving the newsletter and you think you should be, check the following:

  1. Check with your spouse or significant other and confirm they’re not receiving the newsletter.
  2. Go to the home page of this website, scroll to bottom, enter your name & email address, and click the 'Subscribe' button.  This will ensure you receive all future newsletters.
  3. Newsletters are also available in the news postings on this website.

Skill Evaluations for Baseball and Softball

For 2022, we have a set of FAQs specific to skill evals given changes to facilitate safety protocols for COVID-19.  Please see the below document for full details:

2022 Skill eval protocols & questions


Q: What levels are required to participate in the Evals?

A: Players registered for AAA, Coast, and Majors divisions, plus 8-yr olds hoping to play up to AAA, are required. For Softball, players registered for AAA, Coast, Majors, or Juniors divisions, plus 8-yr olds hoping to play up to AAA, are required. Please visit our baseball and softball program offerings pages for more information about levels of play.

Q: Why are the Evals required?

A: Baseball and Softball are best played and enjoyed when there is a competitive balance among teams in the league. The skill evaluation process gives the Sammamish Little League administrators the opportunity to assess skill levels of all players in each division to help ensure teams are formed to achieve the desired balance.

Q: How are the Eval scored and who sees the results?

A: SLL adminstrators, coaches and support volunteers observe each player at each station and assign a score to each based on an pre-established rating criteria. The Baseball/Softball VP collects the scores at the end of the event and compiles the results for use in team formation. Eval scores are treated as confidential and are made available only to the few individuals with direct involvement in the team formation process.

Q: How are teams formed?

A: Baseball/Softball VP, head coaches (one per team only) and selected SLL administrators create team rosters using the Board-approved format according skill scores and basic team needs such as spreading out skilled pitchers and catchers.

Q: What if my son or daughter cannot make the designated time slot?

A: Come when you can. Weekend schedules are busy and many will not be able to make the time designated for his division (baseball) or last name (softball), but this is not a problem. The times specified are suggested to help manage the traffic during the day, that’s all.

Q: What if my son or daughter cannot attend evals at all?

A: This is not optimal but the League will do the best they can using what knowledge and familiarity those involved in the team formation process might have. IMPORTANT: If you son is league age 8 and cannot make evals, unfortunately, this will mean they will not be allowed to play up to AAA if requesting to.

Q: How can an 8-yr old try out for AAA?

A: AAA division is meant for 9-year olds, but 8-year olds who exhibit levels of skill to play at the AAA level are eligible. And 8-yr old may “play up” to AAA if 1. the player attends the Skill Evaluations, and 2. the player is selected in the draft to play on a AAA team. If he is not selected, the 8-yr old will be placed on a AA team. Either way, SLL will notify the parents of the result.